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                BLHI Successfully Manufactures the First 180-degree Rotating Proton Therapy Device in China.

                Recently, the latest medical proton therapy device undertook by BLHI for the first time has been debugged successfully. This is the world's first 180-degree rotating proton therapy device with the improved design by the world-renowned company Hitachi, and it is expected to be put into official use in a well-known hospital in Hong Kong , and will become the first proton therapy system in Hong Kong. The proton therapy device is a therapeutic device for human cancer and will eventually be installed in a clean and tidy hospital. The requirements for product accuracy and appearance quality are high. In the early stage, the project team carefully studied the drawings, and positively confirmed with the Japanese designer during the process of drawing conversion; during the execution of the project, the control of blank quality and processing precision was strengthened, and the drawing requirements were strictly met. After the joint inspection of the person in charge of Hitachi design and manufacturing, all the data were qualified, and the quality of the product was satisfactory. In the process of assembly and commissioning, in order to ensure the accuracy requirements, the relevant personnel such as assembly, technology, safety environment, including Japanese designer, calculated the offset direction of the COG (center of gravity) again and again through three-dimensional simulation, repeatedly weighed the lifting point, lifting method and rotation angle, and finalized the action test plan.Under the premise of ensuring safety, the 180 degree rotation test of the mechanical crane was successfully completed. The end users in Hong Kong expressed their admiration for BLHI's manufacturing capabilities and expressed their gratitude to BLHI for the hard work.