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                BLHI Holds the 6th Technical Innovation Conference

                On March 1, the company held the 6thtechnical innovation conference, the technical personnel of various departments, technical leaders in charge, and department heads attended the meeting. Li Lianchun, deputy general manager, made a work report. He reviewed the work carried out by the technical line in the past two years, summarized the achievements in promoting technological innovation and technological progress in 2017-2018, analyzed the existing shortcomings, put forward the idea that the company would drive the development of science and technology innovation in the next two years, deployed and arranged the main work of the company's technological innovation. At the meeting, the team and individuals who won the 2017-2018 Annual Report Technology Innovation Award were commended, the award-winning representatives gave speeches at the meeting. Finally, General Manager Zhu Guomin introduced the completion of work in 2018, the operation management plan and key work in 2019, expounded the understanding of the company's "new three views", proposed the company’s action requirements for seeking development and planning future, required technical and quality lines to continuously improve the mechanism,  further mobilize and stimulate the enthusiasm of technical staffs, and make new contributions to promote the company's new development.